It’s the most common question we’re asked and one of the most complex to answer. Like any sport, there is always an element of risk. British Skydiving features a great section on answering this question on their website. In short – tandem jumps are the safest, and our highly-experienced instructors always have safety as their top priority.

Due to the nature of parachuting it is important that those participating are of reasonably good health. Our website has a dedicated section on the medical requirements. In short, all participants will be required to declare themselves as fit to jump and anyone aged 70 years or older or suffer any of the listed conditions will require a Doctor’s declaration which is explained on the medical page. If you’re in reasonably good health you shouldn’t encounter any problems.

For safety reasons, jumpers must be aged 16 or above. The consent of a parent or guardian will be required for those aged under 18 years old. There is technically no upper age limit – as long as you are in good enough health. Participants who are over the age of 70 or above must contact the Chief Instructor prior to booking and will require a Doctor’s declaration. Please see the medical requirement page.

All vouchers are valid initially for a period of 12 months, after which they can be extended for a further 6 months for a small charge.

We operate mainly at weekends and bank holidays between January through till the end of November. We may have available dates outside this period, or even occasionally during the week.

If its your first visit we still require you to turn for the initial training even if you believe the weather forecast is poor. However if you are travelling a long distance, been trained by us within the last 12 months and there is a unfavourable forecast, you can phone us at no later than 0845hrs on the day of your booking and we will advise you on the likelihood of your skydive.

Yes! You can bring family and friends to watch you skydive – our spectator area is close to the landing area so  they will have a great view of you coming down under the parachute! However, skydiving can be an all day event so bear that in mind if bringing young children, dogs or anyone with any specific requirements. We will give a rough estimate of jump times once training has been completed. We aim to start the skydiving program immediately following training, but this is wholly weather dependant.

“Today I had one of the most exhilarating and amazing experiences of my life as I took to the skies to do a 10,000 foot free fall tandem skydive in aid of The Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, it was just out of this world and I loved every single second. The views were phenomenal and I have now achieved a life long dream.”

Give the gift of a lifetime

We offer two gift voucher options, £80 and £280 (the full price of a tandem skydive).